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Firstworld by Paul E. Horsman epub free download

Firstworld by Paul E. Horsman epub free download

Firstworld by Paul E. Horsman epub free download The forbidden Locked Tower holds a secret young engineer and mathematical whiz kid Kambisha itches to solve. But when she does, she discovers far more than she, her battlemage twin brother Kyrus or their arcane trader friend Odysson expect.
Before the three know what is happening, they find themselves lightyears away, bound on a mission to rescue an alien space station.
Out there, the Moi Realm had been a booming, ever expanding galactic Realm. Powerful spacefleet bases and outposts between the stars watched over the safety of many worlds, guarded them against enemies and maintained contact. Until a cosmic disaster brought all to a standstill.
Now, a thousand years later, Kambisha, Kyrus and Odysson find themselves tasked with restoring the fallen dominion. They must resurrect the bases and ships, find out exactly what happened, battle greedy enemies, and return the Realm to its former glory. Oh, and try to get the galactic gods on their side as well…

Firstworld by Paul E. HorsmanFirstworld by Paul E. Horsman (Broomriders in Space #1)
English | 2019 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 472 KB

This riveting new Space Fantasy series takes place 25 years after the Wyrms of Pasandir-series and 50 years after Lioness of Kell. It is an exciting mixture of magic and steam-punk style space technology.
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